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Bloodletting Instruments – Davis and Appel

Short Description

Published by The Printers’ Devil. Arlington, MA 1983. The bulk of the work had previously been included in an issue of Studies from the Smithsonian Institute

Softcover, quarto 102 pages well illustrated. Very good condition. Original invoice of purchase left inside.

An impressive work on Bloodletting Instruments. With reference to the collection held by the U.S. national Museum of History and Technology.

Starts proper with a History of Bleeding and usefully “How much Blood to Rake” and “When to Bleed”. Barber Surgeons and then the move to cupping, leeching etc. A catalogue of instruments for the best of Phlebotanists ad good references to the numerous trade catalogues

Bloodletting once very popular – might make a comeback

Price: $40.00

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