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Baudin in Australian Waters – Bonnemains et al – First Edition 1988

Short Description

A quite spectacular book on very special subject edited by Jaqueline Bonnemains, Elliot Forsyth and Bernard Smith.

The Artwork of the French Voyage of Discovery to the Southern Lands 1800-1804.

Large, folio production, a first edition published by the Oxford University Press, Melbourne in 1988. 347 pages beautifully illustrated and with end paper maps.

With a complete descriptive catalogue of drawings and paintings of Australian subjects by Lesueur and Petit from the Lesueur Collection at the Museum d’Histoire Naturelle, Le Harve, France.

Nicolas Baudin left Le Harve in 1800 with two vessel under his command the Naturaliste and the Geographe. Of the 238 men 22 were scientists. Their focus was the western and southern coastlines of Australia including Tasmania. They studied the habits of the aborigines and collected many natural history specimens.

This book is a tribute to collection of ethnological and zoological drawings and paintings resulting from the expedition. The originals are housed at Le Havre. The book contains over 300 illustrations many in colour enhancing our understanding of the true beauty of the works. The substantial introductory essays on the expedition and the biographies of the key individuals and artist set the perfect scene

Baudin Expedition in all its Beauty

Price: $240.00

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