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Au Pole de Sud a Bicyclette – Emillio Salgari

Short Description

The French translation of an Emilio Salagari classic translated by J. Fargeau. Salagari being the Italian equivalent of Henty and in some respects Jules Verne. Written in the Italian in the 1890’s this French version was published in 1931 a fifth edition.

Collected because of the genre, the crazy story involving the South Pole and the superb decorative covers by Fontanez. Although, like quite a few, Fontanez should have brushed up his knowledge of natural history.

Extra large octavo, 240 pages with illustrations in the text. Paper with an even browning as usual. The green percaline covered boards with title back and apine decorated boldly in polychrome with penguins, seals and polar bear (mmhh), with three intrepid explorer on an eight wheeled steam assisted velocipede. Top edge gilt. Good condition, bright covers.

A classic Polar Adventure – on a tandem!

Price: $180.00

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