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Antique Medical Instruments – Elisabeth Bennion

Short Description

Published by Sotheby Parke Bernet, University of California Press a first edition 1979.

A substantial book. Large quarto, 355 pages, heavily and appropriately illustrated. A trifle foxed inside dust jacket and top edge otherwise clan as a whistle, very good. A heavy book that will require a modest supplement to get it Overseas.

Ephemera included with the book includes a book review and prospectus and two letters to a previous owner by the author Elisabeth Bennion when she worked with distinguished antique medical instrument purveyors Simon Kaye, Piccadilly, London. The correspondence relates to the purchase of monaural stethoscopes.

Also included is the catalogue for the second exhibition (and sale) of Antique Medical Instruments at the aforesaid Simon Kaye 1978 which references the launch of of Elisabeth Bennion's book.

The Foreword by Reginal Murley, President of the Royal College of Surgeons, England says it all … a book of this quality has been long overdue, the meticulous and thorough research stand out and the newly created “directory of Surgical Instrument Makers” will be a goo to reference for all Medical Historian.

Covers the period from the Middle Ages to 1870 with chapters by instrument family following an introduction on the history of the profession. Then saws, trephines and phlebotomy instruments; knives, directors and forceps; lithotomy and urethrotomy instruments; ear, nose and throat; obstetrical and gynaecological; ophthalmic; Dental; Veterinary; etc … an the bibliography is extensive, glossary of terms, chronological chart of surgeons and the aforementioned 40 page “Directory”

Make sure you look at the image of the various spectacles ... amazing that the green ones in the shark skin case are from the 1820's ... so fashionable by today's standards.

Extensive well researched book on medial antique – not just ear trumpets.

Price: $110.00

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