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Antarctica’s First Lady – Edith M “Jackie” Ronne.

Short Description

A special book effectively self-published with the help of the Clifton Steamboat Museum, Beaumont Texas in 2004. Why none of the major travel publishers did not we will never know, for all sorts of reasons an important account

Octavo, soft cover, 406 pages heavily illustrated from period photographs. Perfect bound, very good condition.

Finn Ronne was the organiser and leader of the last great privately funded Antarctic venture … the “Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition 1947-1948”. Jackie went along and was, as a result, the First American Woman to Set Foot on the Antarctic Continent and Winter-Over’. Perhaps a careful turn of phrase as Jennie Darlington went with them … it’s a long story.

Not much in the book about the falling out between the woman. Regardless Jackie played an important part being the main administrator/ recorder of goings on. And there were many of them. Some important work was carried out and a large part of the Antarctic Continent was named after Jackie as a result.

WE have an original photograph of Jackie and Jennie all furred up ready for the cold weather … its in out collection just search Jennie.

Edith Ronne (Preferred Jackie) and Antarctic Pioneer

Price: $60.00

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